Diane Lewis

Phase 2 understand that as older adults, we sometimes find ourselves in a financial quandary. Financial rules that were taught years ago as young adults are no longer applicable or there is little to no money management education to leverage from years ago. The world is a different place now with more complexity and more dangers. As we move down the path of retirement years, this path does not need to confuse or scare us. We all need to stay current and learn to navigate the new ways that the world works.

The Financial Literacy Class are being offered in two class sections.



Email us at info@phasetwosolutions.com for information on class schedule.



BL Thomas
Author and Executive Producer, Philadelphia, PA

I will always be grateful for everything you've done, in not only easing the process, but helping me obtain a monthly mortgage in which I'm comfortable.... more

Retired Military, Baltimore, MD
I am very thankful Dianne Lewis came into our lives. Truly she was a blessing to us... more

PA Rickley
Retired Nurse and Widow, West Virginia
Dianne Lewis What an awesome person!! Ever since I have known Dianne, she has been there for me find a solution.... more