Diane Lewis


Phase 2 Solutions, LLC is a professional managed care company designed to assist seniors and their family members deal with major life changes such as changes in marital status, financial hardship, illness, or transitions to a new lifestyle.

We help you and your loved ones plan for a new and exciting phase in your life by relieving the stress often associated with change and guiding your journey with a compassionate hand.

As your advocate, our goal is to provide a full array of services under one umbrella that creates a smooth transition. Whether you are moving from your primary home to a new residence, need specialized legal direction, or simply want help figuring out your finances, Phase 2 gently guides you through every step of the process.

familyBecause we are not a law firm, we approach each situation with a view to serving your specific wishes. We have made it our mission to hire staff that methodically anticipates your needs.

Our team consists of:
Care Managers | Elder Care Attorneys | Accountants | Realtors | General Contractors | Financial Planners

We pride ourselves on meeting our clients’ needs and providing a variety of resources through a community environment. We offer much needed support to family and friends. And above all, we serve with compassionate. Integrity is the staple of our business.



BL Thomas
Author and Executive Producer, Philadelphia, PA

I will always be grateful for everything you've done, in not only easing the process, but helping me obtain a monthly mortgage in which I'm comfortable.... more

Retired Military, Baltimore, MD
I am very thankful Dianne Lewis came into our lives. Truly she was a blessing to us... more

PA Rickley
Retired Nurse and Widow, West Virginia
Dianne Lewis What an awesome person!! Ever since I have known Dianne, she has been there for me find a solution.... more

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