Diane Lewis


Phase 2 works with a variety of non-profit, local, state and federal organizations that provide support for seniors. Under 'Useful Info' setion you will find a list of resources that we encourage you to leverage as you plan the next phase of you or your loved ones’ lives. And as always, Phase 2 is here to help you navigate these options if you need direction.



BL Thomas
Author and Executive Producer, Philadelphia, PA

I will always be grateful for everything you've done, in not only easing the process, but helping me obtain a monthly mortgage in which I'm comfortable.... more

Retired Military, Baltimore, MD
I am very thankful Dianne Lewis came into our lives. Truly she was a blessing to us... more

PA Rickley
Retired Nurse and Widow, West Virginia
Dianne Lewis What an awesome person!! Ever since I have known Dianne, she has been there for me find a solution.... more

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